Samantha is an actress, singer, and dancer with a diverse movement background and is a classically trained instructor with a certification out of Balanced Pilates’ own training program. She is passionate about holistic wellness and loves showing how Pilates can enable one to improve the safety and effectiveness of all other types of movement and exercise and also the quality…

Rachel P.

Rachel is an actor and singer originally from San Diego, CA. She is a health and wellness enthusiast and believes that a healthy body will lead to a healthy and clear mind. Through her teaching, she hopes to help others find the balance between mind, body, and spirit. Follow her at @wellbalancedbeing.

Rachel H.

After receiving her BFA in musical theatre, Rachel moved to NYC. She quickly fell in love with Pilates through dance and how it could be a fantastic workout as well as a rehabilitation tool. She received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Balanced Pilates. Her classes aim for a total body workout with an emphasis on structural stability.


Marie received her Comprehensive Pilates Apparatus Certification and Mat Certification from Balanced Pilates NYC. Her goals for her clients are for them to discover an internal strength within themselves in order to move through daily life as efficiently and as consciously as possible. She brings her passion for movement into her sessions to help strengthen your core, posture, and overall…


Kate has been dancing her whole life and moved to New York after receiving her degree in Acting/Musical Theatre. Movement and exercise, in all their forms, are her life’s passion. After a sidelining knee injury, Kate discovered Pilates and became addicted to its unique format of strengthening and conditioning. She decided she wanted to help others use Pilates to meet…


While attending Indiana University, Elisabeth earned her degree in Ballet Performance with a Double Major in Kinesiology and a Minor in Mathematics. She became a certified Pilates Instructor through Lotus Pilates in Bloomington, Indiana (her hometown) owned by Corinna Cosentino. She then joined the Rochester City Ballet in Rochester, NY where she taught at Pilates Plus, and a CHPT Physical…


Brooke attended the University of South Florida where she obtained a BFA in Modern Dance Performance. Soon after graduating, she moved to the Big Apple and as a dancer, she always appreciated the strength, stability, and stretching from Pilates. She then received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Balanced Pilates NYC and loves teaching all of our amazing clients!


Alie is a Pilates instructor, actor, and tap dancer originally from Birmingham, AL. She sees Pilates as a gift we can all give back to our bodies because they work so hard for us. Alie creates athletic and contemporary classes that will keep you on your toes!


Aleixa received her certification through Balanced Pilates and teaches at the West Harlem location. Aleixa likes to create fun, fast-paced, and challenging sessions in a safe and comfortable environment. She applies her professionally attained knowledge of the body from her dance and pilates studies, incorporates new concepts and imagery, and encourages active full body awareness throughout each session.


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